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M&E, SURMAC and MACORP join CATERPILLAR to Sponsor Free Training for Aspiring Service Technicians

Free Online Training for Aspiring Service Technicians in the Caribbean

CATERPILLAR TACKLES WORKFORCE ISSUES FACING THE CARIBBEAN REGION Technicians for the Caribbean is an absolutely free online program for Caribbeans seeking a new and exciting career as a service technician. Technicians for the Caribbean is sponsored by Caterpillar, the global leader in construction and mining equipment, and 3 leading Caribbean Caterpillar Dealers: SURMAC, M&E and MACORP.

Kelley Maxwell, the Caterpillar program lead, states that “Technicians for the Caribbean is a natural extension of a very successful program that we've been running in Africa for the past several years. It's a completely free program yet it's a win-win for everyone. Technicians are essential for our dealers and customers; they keep projects on schedule and customers productive. Through projects like Technicians for the Caribbean we can address the skills gap that currently exist in the Caribbean regions and fuel economic growth for all."


Caterpillar has created this curriculum using courses from the Caterpillar University Global Service Technician training program. So students can be assured that it's good.


Aspiring service technicians can take this no-cost, online curriculum from home, school, from a library or from everywhere you have a decent Internet connection using your personal computer, laptop, or mobile phone. In just 3-6 months students can receive a Certificate of Completion and begin an exciting journey towards a possible career as a well paid and highly valued service technician in the automotive, trucking or heavy equipment industry.


The curriculum consists of 18 courses: four Introductory courses, ten Level 1 courses and four Level 2 courses. Completion time is estimated to take approximately 3-6 months. (Yes. That’s right. It’s comprehensive. This is the real deal and students will need to work hard but the results could well be worth the effort.)


Students will find the courses interesting and compelling with lots of interactivity and animation. By completing these courses, the student will learn the basics of diesel engines, electricity, hydraulics, power train and much more.


Once the student successfully completes the program they will be able to print out a certificate of completion. Students can use it in the market place to improve their chances of landing a technician's job in the auto industry, the trucking industry or the heavy equipment field. And students can use it to help gain entry into a leading vocational school.


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